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Why Bother?

Sometimes, when I have a little time on my hands… which is frequently, actually, I like to sit and ponder. Pondering is overlooked and under used, I think. If we pondered more and worried less, our lives might be better off.

The sad part with me is… I ponder insignificant stuff. I’m not solving a world crisis when I ponder. I just see something that to me… I just don’t get it. And I’ve pondered a couple of things lately.

The first thing that comes to mind that I’ve recently pondered is… flameless candles. Now to me, I just don’t get it. Part of the allure of a candle is the flame. The way it dances…glows… it’s hypnotic effect… I just don’t think you can get that from a flameless candle.

Now, being honest, part of my fascination with candles may just be the pyromaniac in me coming out. I don’t know. It’s just another “maniac” title to hang on me. But I was surfing the channels and saw an infomercial for the flameless candle. And I had to watch.

Now that brings me to another thing I ponder on a REGULAR basis. I have about… ohhhh… 5,000 TV channels and I watch about…ohhhh… maybe six of them. But I surf through ALL of them to make SURE something better isn’t on.

And I think the breakdown goes something like… six sex channels, 4,988 SHOPPING channels, and the six I watch. Why do they need so many SHOPPING channels? Who needs all that stuff? No wonder they have that show called Hoarders. Flameless candles, cheap jewelry, Juicers, Colon Cleansers, I mean… how much STUFF can you need?

Bottled water is another item I’ve pondered. Again… I just don’t get it. I growed up drinking outta the hose in the yard on a hot day. So why should I pay good money for water in a plastic bottle? And where does that bottle go when I’m done? Hopefully to be recycled for the NEXT guy that buys bottled water.

At least I try to be good for the environment. I recycle my plastic water bottles… under the faucet as I refill them. The Flameless candle? Not for me… I want the REAL flame. And I’ll keep channel surfing… and watching the same six channels.

And that’s MY take.