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What Time Is My Appointment Again…??

ap•point•ment – noun ( ə-ˈpȯint-mənt )

Definition of APPOINTMENT

1: an arrangement for a meeting : engagement

a. I’m late for an appointment.
b. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning at nine o’clock.

So IF you haven’t guessed right off the bat… this is a rant post. And it’s funny that it’s happening now, because just this week I was told I always seem so cool and relaxed. And I am… until you TICK ME OFF!! In fact, I may have mentioned this here on this very Blog in the past, but evidently NOT EVERYONE GOT THE WORD, so I’m forced to post it again.

I had an “appointment” with the Veterans Affairs (VA) this morning to have my eyes checked. I had made the “appointment” some M-A-N-Y days ago. I arrived at my “appointment” ten minutes early so I could check in and be on time. Once checked in, I had to stand in the waiting room… because all 50 chairs were taken.

Now just the fact that ALL 50 chairs were taken would normally not be a problem… unless you realize there are only two… 2… T-W-O… Eye Doctors. So what that tells me is… I have at least… AT LEAST… 25 folks ahead of me. Because I do NOT think they are all there EARLY for their OWN “appointments.”

Now I’ll be the first to admit… I do not always stay on top of changing trends. But just to be safe, I Googled the word “appointment” and… lo and behold… the definition had not changed. If I have an “appointment”… I expect to be seen somewhere CLOSE to the scheduled time. And my definition of “close” is in the neighborhood of 15 minutes.

Trust me… I understand that emergencies happen. And had I seen someone come in with a projectile protruding from their eye, I would understand and give them a few extra minutes to get a band aid applied. But that was not the case today. If 50 people are waiting to see two doctors at 10:00am… someone needs to work on their scheduling abilities. Maybe they aren’t cut out to be a scheduler. Maybe they are more suited to mopping or something. I don’t know… but scheduling obviously isn’t their forte.

So 35 minutes after my scheduled “appointment,” I left. I guess I’ll just get my eyes checked at Wal*Mart. What could possibly go wrong with that?

And that’s MY take…