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Weird Ramblings from a Warped Mind

Weird Ramblings From A Warped Mind… 5-5-2014

~ I never realized how boring and average I was before reality TV.

~ I’m proud to admit I’ve never said I have a favorite child.

~ Can you imagine what last call would look like if Wal*Mart had a bar.

~ How long are we all going to just sit here and act blind to the fact that 90% of the fonts in Microsoft Word are EXACTLY THE SAME?

~ I cross things off my to-do list without actually doing them… because there are no list police.

~ I don’t think I get enough credit for the fact that I do all of this while fully medicated.

~ Thank you for telling me I spend too much time on-line. Much appreciated. And how’s level 393 on Candy Crush? Any luck with that yet?

~ Can we make it a general rule that going to Wal*Mart requires you wearing your teeth?

~ I’d like to see the scientific research proving that money doesn’t buy happiness.

~ Somewhere the inventor of yoga pants is half dead from high fives and free shots.

~ I found out today that the new Bed Bath & Beyond in town isn’t a hospice care center.

~ All I’m saying is, I’ve never seen my former boss and Satan in the same room together.

~ I’m about one more weekend on the couch away from being a throw pillow.

~ Not enough things have ejector seats.

~ Out of boredom one day, I posted the question “Isn’t toast just hot bread?” on my FaceBook… and the debate spiraled out of control. One guy deactivated his account and two moms linked toast recipes.

~ I bought a white noise generator, but it was a bit noisy. And racist…

~ If being successful were an amusement park, I’d be the kid that drove his bumper car in the corner and couldn’t get out.

~ I remember the days before Instagram… when you took a photo of dinner, got it developed, then drove around and showed it to all of your friends.

~ Pro tip – She already knows the answer and is just testing you… so don’t mess it up.

~ The biggest regret a parent could ever make, is purchasing too many Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

~ I can’t believe I grew up for this.

~ I hope the word ‘berserk’ appears at least once in my obituary.

~ You can now buy mini Starbursts that come unwrapped, so check out OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) on TLC next year being extracted from our house through a wall.

~ We’re still making monthly payments on the kid’s labor and delivery invoice. She’ll be 26 in June, but one day, folks, she’ll be all ours.

~ Being popular on-line is like owning a bunch of property in Monopoly.

~ Want to really embarrass a thug? Sneak up behind them and pull their pants up.

~ Although I take several prescription meds, OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) will always be my drug of choice.

~ I’ve found an easy way to get out of a boring conversation is to drop your pants and scream “stranger danger” while pointing at your friend.

~ What exactly are people doing that requires they need an antiperspirant that will last for 48 hours?

~ “Whatever…” – OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) parking.

~ This salad is delicious… and that’s because it’s a donut.

~ I’m thinking ‘Leg day’ as I squat down to reach the leftover pizza in my fridge.

~ According to OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy), it’s not considered shopping if you don’t meet the three store minimum.

~ At my last job, I used to shout things like “clear my schedule” even though I had absolutely no authority over anyone and was literally never busy.

~ If I had a sidekick, their only line would be: “I think this is a bad idea.”

~ Sometimes I put my fingers in my ears just to see if I can tickle my brain.

~ “I don’t know why I bother,” is something people say to me very often.

~ I bet I’ll die doing something I love… like failing to read OWN’s (‘Ol Weird Nancy’s) mind.

And lest I forget, Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all… except to those of you I wished a Happy Cinco de Mayo not knowing you’re Dominican or Honduran or Puerto Rican or that that makes a difference. Sorry.