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Weird Ramblings from a Warped Mind

Weird Ramblings From A Warped Mind … 3-13-2017

~ Either OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) has taught herself judo or I just caught her trying to get her pantyhose off.

~ I try to be a really good person, but then someone talks to me and ruins it.

~ I have an 80-pack of fruit snacks from Costco in the garage … because I’m an adult. And I can.


~ My ‘blindside’ is actually every side because I’m never really paying attention to anything.

~ Personally, I’ve found that the easiest way to make the ladies swoon is for me to just leave the room.

~ Please do not yell facts about me as though they are insults.

~ My stripper name is Gary. It’s not the best stripper name, but then I’m not a very good stripper.


~ What’s it called when you sound hilarious to yourself but like a moron to others? I’m that.

~ I can tell a lot about OWN’s (‘Ol Weird Nancy’s) mood by how she reacts to my eating food she was saving for later.

~ I can usually be best described as happy go leave me alone.

~ I was knighted at Chuck E. Cheese’s last night. I am now known as, “Sir Would You Please Get Out Of The Ballpit.”

~ After watching the History Channel, I’ve realized that back in school I missed the chapters on American Pickers and Ancient Aliens.

~ I think what I’ve really learned from opening up to people is that I shouldn’t.

~ When I’m updating my résumé, does self deprecation go under “Special Skills” or “Hobbies?”

~ I entered my Google search history into WebMD and they mailed me my very own straightjacket.


~ I win every argument by maintaining eye contact while eating a stick of butter.

~ I know it’s Monday when I keep misplacing things around the house. Phone, keys, any sense of motivation … you know, the usual.