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Weird Ramblings from a Warped Mind

Weird Ramblings From A Warped Mind… 10-7-2014

~ I learned all my dance moves from the paternity test episodes of Maury.

~ Join me in wishing a very happy third birthday to the aluminum foil covered unlabeled jar in our fridge!

~ There are lots of things I could do tonight, but I’m just gonna stay home and it has nothing to do with me not having anything to do tonight.

~ I started pulling on a hangnail and now I’m down to only three fingers… please send help.

~ Thieves that are bad at their job always take things the wrong way.

~ The last time I was in a gym was when they were still called gymnasiums.

~ If I were a cab driver, I’d scream “ROAD TRIP” every time I got a passenger.

~ So I thought Taco Bell was really classing it up with valet parking last night. But it turns out my truck got stolen.

~ I think it’s kind of crazy how you all keep forgetting to celebrate me as your MCM…

~ My boss once told me “Dress for the job you want.” And then everyone was acting like they had never seen a VS angel with wings in lingerie.

~ I’m pretty easy to love… as long as you don’t get to know me too well.

~ Xanax was invented by a guy who had to watch his wife try to parallel park.

~ Sometimes I say words out loud and then I don’t have an exit strategy.

~ I left a plaster cast of my mouth at the bakery so they know exactly how big to bake the cupcakes.

~ HR once said I couldn’t stuff a co-worker in the microwave. But they sure seemed mighty impressed when I proved them wrong.

~ I just love people who drive at a high rate of slow.

~ When I see my therapist jotting down notes, I wonder if she is only writing her tweets for the next day from my dialog.

~ I went to watch the New York City Ballet once. They don’t like it when you join in.

~ I am why I can’t have nice things.

~ My favorite three special words… “there’s no evidence.”

~ Sometimes I would like to disappear without a trace.

~ I think rap needs more yodeling.

~ I’m the reason your therapist can afford a Mercedes.

~ I grew up so poor our grocery list is a wish list.

~ I’m living down to my potential.

~ I still have PTSD from elementary school dodge ball.

~ My version of Russian roulette is just picking a random card in my wallet and hoping it doesn’t get declined.

~ I threw my former boss a retirement party one day, but it didn’t work. She kept coming to work.

~ The worst day at my former job was when I found out my lunch break wasn’t 8 hours long.

~ I’m planning a hostile corporate takeover of this neighborhood lemonade stand on the corner. Times are tough and kids gotta learn about life.

~ Columbia House called and it looks like I’m still on the hook to buy 4 tapes at regular price.


~ It’s amazing how much weight I can lose just by untucking my shirt!

~ At least I’m not as dumb as the people who usually get interviewed on the local news.

~ Just a few more untimely deaths and my life will be perfect.

~ I say “thingy” more than any man should when I’m at Lowes.

~ So this store just charged me $0.10 to offset the environmental impact of my bag and then gave me a paper receipt 3 feet long.

~ I wish yelling “not it!” worked as an adult.

~ If I thought my ceiling fan could hold my body weight, I’d never be bored.

~ Doesn’t snore is OWN’s (‘Ol Weird Nancy’s) new definition of good in bed.