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“This makes me wonder … ” – 7-11-2017

“This makes me wonder if she was crying to us all for help?”

This comment is on the wall of a local 20yo mother of two. It was posted mere hours after she took her own life.

The posts on her wall of the past few weeks and months were mostly of a type that were obviously made by a person hurting tremendously inside. Posts of depression … why should I go on … etc.

If you EVER suspect that a person, friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor … ANYONE … is contemplating this “solution” for their problems, contact someone immediately. A suicide prevention hotline (they can assist you in finding the right local agency), hospital, member of the clergy, 9-1-1, etc … anyone that can provide them the help they need. It may make them upset … for a while. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. And in the end, they will KNOW you cared enough to offer them assistance.

It wouldn’t hurt to put the toll free number in your phone right now:
1-800-273-8255 List it under “Suicide Prevention.”

Don’t think for a minute that “that person wouldn’t do that.” If you’re reading this post … you already know someone that TRIED to do just that. Three times.

I … am a three-time survivor.

Don’t find yourself asking after it’s too late … “This makes me wonder if he/she was crying to us all for help?”

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