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They’re Everywhere… They’re Everywhere…

It would seem that having a bunch of idiots running around would be calming to me. Seems like I would feel right at home. But actually, the more I think about it… and the more it happens… the more it worries me.

What do you do when the idiots won’t listen to you? What do you do when they spend money… my money… YOUR money… on things we don’t want? We are at the point of spending $848 billion on a health care package that the majority (53%) of voters disagree with. Do you know what’s wrong with this? The ones going against the majority and spending our money were sent there to represent YOU and ME! But instead of doing that, they are running their own agenda. That’s NOT what I sent them there to do. I voted for them to go and be my voice. And they get there and think I have laryngitis.

And let me throw this out there… this is NOT a Bush problem. It’s not an Obama problem. It’s not the Rebumlicans or the Democants. It the politicians. None of them are innocent. From pork in their districts to just ignoring the will of the folks that voted for them, every one of them needs to be removed so we can start over. There was talk of term limits a few years back. We’ve had term limits for years… it’s called voting against an incumbent. You have to get past the “party” voting and replace the problems.

Why? Because our deficient is at $12,587,905,747,766.00. And that was as of March 15th. Depending on when you read this, you can add another $4,000,000,000.00… PER DAY.

I know that is hard to comprehend. $12 TRILLION dollars. When I worked in a bank, I was amazed at how little $10,000.00 was. And then $1,000,000.00 didn’t faze me any more. But I can’t begin to imagine $1 trillion dollars. If you can’t either, take a look at this to get an idea:

And don’t think all of the idiots are in Washington, DC either. Granted, that is the headquarters, but there are some at every level.

Case in point:

We live in southern Tennessee. The closest major city is Huntsville, AL. The greater metro area has a population approaching 400,000 people. With that many folks, things wear out. Such as the jail. It was built in the 1960s and was woefully overcrowded. Now personally, I don’t care if inmates are crowded. If they don’t like the conditions, quit doing stuff to put themselves in there.

But the city decided they needed a new jail. So they budgeted $26 million dollars and began construction in 2002. And as you drive into Huntsville today, there is a beautiful jail for everyone to see. Not a $26 million dollar jail mind you, but an $80 million dollar jail. And the sad part is not so much that it more than tripled in price, but that nearly a year after it was completed, it’s still empty. It seems the politicians in charge can’t decide between the city and county who is going to pay for what on staffing, who gets how many beds, how many guards it needs, etc…

SO here is MY spin. November is fast approaching. I’m resolved that if I send an incumbent back, I’m contributing to the problem. So if I see an (I) by a name on the ballot, to me that’s going to stand for IGNORE. I’m voting for anybody that isn’t already in office. No exceptions.

And with that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to announce MY candidacy for the office of…

And that’s MY take.