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There Needs to be a Dress Code

Certain functions require that you dress in a certain way. It’s just the way things are. I was in the military for a few years and we had certain clothes we had to wear. We even had regulations to tell us how to wear them correctly. And I couldn’t mix and match, either.

Fire fighters have certain clothes they have to wear. You seldom see a fireman running into a burning house wearing a prom dress. He follows the dress code and wears his fire gear. Surgeons wear sterile scrubs in the operating room. They don’t wear a Mickey Mouse costume when they remove your kidney. And if you go to the symphony, you normally dress accordingly in a nice tux or a suit and tie.

Yeah… this is going some place, so just hang with me.

So I’ve been watching this protest in Thailand the past few days. Thirty people, all of them civilians, have been killed and 232 wounded in four days of street fighting between Red Shirt protesters and troops in central Bangkok, Thailand’s main emergency medical center said Sunday. The Red Shirts have been protesting since mid-March demanding the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, the dissolution of Parliament, and new elections.

I can sort sympathize with them. I don’t vote for anyone whose name I can’t pronounce. And Abhisit Vejjajive sounds just bit Al Qaeda-ish to me. He needs to go and they need a Joe or Bob or something easy like that.

But anyway… I’ve been watching this and kinda keeping up with it. And they post pictures every day of various aspects of the riots. Injured folks in the hospital, troops manning check points, burning tires, etc… all the stuff you expect to see at a good riot.

Now in these photos, most folks are following the “Dress Code for Riots.” (Yeah… there is such a thing… I looked it up). The soldiers are in their riot gear… helmets, face shields, billy clubs, boots, “How to Survive a Riot” manual, etc… your standard riot stuff if you’re the soldiers. And then you have the rioters in their stuff… jeans, t-shirts, boots or tennis shoes (that is an optional thing), bandana for covering your face, “How to Kick Police Booty” manual, etc…

So I’m getting caught up on the newest developments and taking a look at the posted photos… and I notice one that catches my eye. There are about five guys carrying an injured comrade to safety. And the guys have all read the memo on what to wear… jeans, boots, bandanas, etc… except for ONE guy. There is always ONE guy in the bunch who didn’t get the memo or decides he’s just going out on his own and will wear what he wants.

And this ONE guy… is he “over” dressed? Oh no. I wouldn’t say that… since all he is wearing is a thong. A THONG!! This guy wears a THONG to a protest. Now first of all, guys shouldn’t wear thongs. I don’t care what you think. This is Jester’s Journal. I’m the Jester. And I say guys shouldn’t wear thongs. Period.

But just in case some guys don’t agree with me and decide they CAN wear a thong, it should be covered… by a great MANY layers of clothing. But not THIS guy. He is out at a protest in Thailand, getting world-wide press coverage, and all he has on is a thong. No shoes… no shirt… no bandana… just a thong.

Yeah, I’m sorry… there needs to be a dress code.

And that’s MY take.