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There Is a Place for All of Us

There I was… scanning the online the news sites. Boring… boring… boring… boring… BINGO!! Sometimes you have to scan a lot before one jumps out at ya. And sometimes you might scan a day or two with nothing. But this was GOLD. I could work with this one:

A Retirement Home for Prostitutes

Yeah… THAT headline caught my eye. I mentioned the item on FaceBook and got a couple of inquires. Like… what was the name of the place. Rode Hard Retirement Home? Ankles in the Air Assisted Living Facility? One friend offered to give me directions to the place and THEN offered to guide me in… LOL. Yeah… what great friends I have.

So I started reading about The House of the Beautiful Flowers, a retirement home for “older” prostitutes in Tepito, Mexico. I quickly learned it is not necessarily a home for “retired” prostitutes.


The house has a minimum age requirement of 60 and can accommodate up to 45 women. Right now, there are ONLY 23 retired ladies of the night living there. The majority of them continue working, because there are still people who want to pay to have sex with them.


86-year-old Reyna, who sang and told us stories of her youth, and Lourdes, a childless widow in her 60s is STILL TURNING TRICKS. (“Hey grandma, do you have to work tonight? Can’t you stay home and bake cookies like Jimmy’s Grandma?”).


Canela, is a woman in her 80s who was soft spoken and looked incredibly tired. Ya THINK?? She had stopped working just a few years ago and now sells candies for a living. And there was Paola, a 61-year-old who is still a sex worker and hopes to continue working for as many years as she can. Don’t we all??

Actually, this story gave me a warm feeling after I read it. If there is a place for retired prostitutes, there is a place for all of us. And that means there MUST be a place or me.

And that’s MY take.