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The Three Gs

I’ve never thought of myself as overly superstitious. Paranormal “beings” seldom pop into my head. When I watch the SyFy channel, I do it for the entertainment value. But lately… well… I’m starting to wonder.

I believe this house may be haunted. Possessed. Have a spirit (and by that I mean more than Jack Daniels spirit in the cupboard). I firmly believe that the three Gs could actually inhabit this abode. Yes… there could be a ghost, goblin, or ghoul.

So here’s the deal… I can watch TV… any channel… any room. I get really into shows that I watch. REALLY into them. I get so engrossed that I frequently close me eyes and meditate on the show. And after only one to two hours of meditation, I open my eyes and the TV is on…. LifeTime.

Always. ALWAYS. It’s never on Fox. It’s never on Comedy Channel. It’s never… NEVER on ESPN. TBS… FX… USA… BET… nope. Never. Always LifeTime.

That’s just wrong.