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The Message… 9-3-2014

So I received the message below this morning. If you know my history with the Demons known as Depression, you will grasp the elation this caused. Knowing that I helped someone, even a little, is a major victory for me. I am SO thankful that this friend took the time to share this. As a pseudo-wanna-be-writer, ALL feedback is appreciated… good or bad. That’s why I put a comment box at the end of each posting here.

And if you AREN’T familiar with my history with the Demons known as Depression, my book, Funny Things Happen In A War Zone, is available in the panel to your right —>.
You have a choice of either a hard copy or you can download the E-Book version.

And ALL proceeds from the book… 100%… benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (

Now… here is the message I received:

ThOm, Most folks don’t get to hear how they’ve touched a persons life in a positive way. I want you to know that you have caused me to have a little giggle/smile or smirk on some of my worst days in the last 8 months with your quirky antics. Shortly after our arrival back in the USA after 6 years in Singapore my Husband and I were involved in a horrible vehicle accident that left me with crushed foot and knee. During my months of being immobilized struggling with my anger, frustration, depression and boredom I always got a kick out of your post. I’d have to go check your post to see what crazy you were up to for the day. Thank you! Keep doing your thang!