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The Hero

Sometimes things happen for which there is no explanation. This blog for one… But I believe everything happens for a purpose. And I believe we are usually where we need to be for a reason.

Case in point: We live in a pretty rural area. I guess you could surmise that from my frequent references to Hickville. And the happenest place we have is Wally*World. Yeah… you’re gonna need a tissue for this one.

I was out and about recently. And in our rural neighborhood area, there are quite a number of horses. They are extremely popular throughout the state. They even have a Tennessee Walking Horse Championship a few miles from us. Folks and their horses come in from around the world.

But I digress…

So as I was out and about recently, I came upon a lady riding her horse. It was like fluid in motion watching them. The horse had a seemingly constant gate and it appeared that the lady had been riding for many years. She just gave that impression. It was like her body knew exactly how that horse would move… and she contemplated and adjusted with each gallop.

I happened to turn and noticed a few other people watching her as well. And as I looked at the small crowd, I heard someone scream. I turned to look back at the rider and was horrified to see that she had been thrown.

As I watched, the horse never slowed. But the rider had not been thrown clear… her foot was caught in the stirrup on the right side closest to me. She was being beaten senseless and with each gallop, she came perilously close to those galloping hooves.

I was amazed that no one moved. No one. Here this woman was facing a sure death from being dragged or trampled and not one person watching offered to help at all. They all stood frozen… not believing what was unfolding before their very eyes.

Well… I COULD see what was unfolding. And I for one was going to act. I could not stand by and watch as she was injured for life or worse. With complete disregard for my own safety, I acted. I stepped forward and unplugged that horse. She was too big to be riding it anyway.

No… don’t call me a “hero.” I just acted like anyone should have.

And that’s MY take.