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The “Harris Faith”

It amazes me at times where we find strength. And faith. And how something can build us up and make us stronger when it should tear us down.

As I write this, my heart is heavy for a dear friend struck by a tragedy. Out of the blue, his life, and consequently the lives of his entire family, is changed forever.

I do not doubt that they were singled out for this tragedy for a reason. Not because of anything they had done wrong. But just the opposite… because of everything they had done right.

The first person I thought about when I received word of the accident was Job. Having so much and losing it all, he still refused to curse his God. He gave honor… and glory… and praise to his God under unmerciful conditions and through unspeakable loss.

But why should a tragedy of such monumental proportion strike my friend? For the very same reason that Job was tested. Someone of lesser faith would question the decision. Why me? What have I done? I’ve always been good. What did I do to deserve this?

But my friend, and his entire family, never questioned. They praised. They gave thanks that the tragedy wasn’t worse. They lifted Him up. They expressed their faith. And by doing so, their tragedy has blessed countless many. Their faith has been spread. Someone hearing of them will decide that, they too, will want to know this God that can give such strong faith and love. And their tragedy will become a triumph.

By no means do I want you to believe that there isn’t a struggle ahead. The woods are deep and they are only a few steps in. But they have already shown that regardless of what is thrown in their path, they are holding to the hand that will always guide them down the right path.

If I am ever faced with a tragedy such as this, I hope that I exhibit the faith and dignity that the Harris family is exuding. I want to exhibit the “Harris Faith.”

And that’s MY take.