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The Games are Upon Us

Has it already been four years? It seems like just… well… maybe like three years. But they are back again. The Olympics. From Vancouver. I think that’s up in Canada. Eh?

The Olympics remind me of family. The visit is great for the first couple of days. Then it starts to go down hill. It’s like they overstay their welcome. Do they REALLY need to be here for 16 days. They need our house rule… three and out.

I like the drama they stir up. Someone has bruised their shin. Are they going to ski? “I’m sitting here today questioning whether, you know, I’ll be even able to ski. I have to play it by ear.” With a Gold Medal on the line, MY money says we will see her skiing flawlessly. And the reporters will talk about how “brave” she was to endure the pain. Want to see bravery and pain? Visit Walter Reed.

But there is other “drama” as well. Doping. Before the games even started… before the Opening Ceremonies were even HELD… 30 athletes were already barred from competing. With cheating so rampant, they shouldn’t be just barred from competing… they should be banned for life. One strike… you’re OUT!! We do not need cheaters. The Doping Clinic was up and running 24/7 before the games even started. What a shame.

And on that note, how much could a medal really mean if you know you only got it by cheating? You would know every time you looked at it. It’s kind of like a prosecutor who knowingly convicts an innocent person just to close the case. What does that solve? The REAL criminal is still out there. Never understood cheating.

I like how the media covering the games tries to work relevant phrases into their stories. One athlete had a falling out prior to the 2006 Olympics. The writer said she and her Dad now had an “icy relationship.” I’m SO glad it wasn’t the summer games. We might be reading about a “hot and steamy” affair.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about the Olympic Games today are professional athletes being allowed to compete. That has really taken the luster off the games. It’s not as prevalent in the Winter Games, but some are sprinkled in here and there. I KNOW a pro athlete can play their sport. That’s why they are known as “pros.” If they want to be in the games, let them compete in a sport other than their own. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tiger Woods go off the ski jump. Or Hulk Hogan in the free-style ice skating. It might make some of those events more appealing.

But all kidding aside, there is one thing I do look forward to with these games. Curling. I got hooked on that while watching the games a few years back. I don’t understand it. Not sure what the skill level needs to be, but I like watching them slide a rock while two folks use brooms to sweep the HECK out of the ice in front of it. And it needs to cross a line somewhere down the ice. And knock the competitors rock out of the way. I just can’t contain my enthusiasm. No… really.

So over the next 16 days, all eyes will be on Vancouver. I guess I can live with that. I’ll watch some here and there. I won’t be glued to it. And I’m not so concerned with the medal count. Let the best cheater win. Kinda like NASCAR.

But I WON’T be watching any ice skating. It would be just my luck Hulk Hogan would show up in a leotard.