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Some Things Amaze Me

As I travel the highways and by-ways of America with BoB (the Big ‘ol Bus), I have to admit, I frequently come across things that amaze me. One such incident occurred recently in, of ALL places, Montgomery, AL.

Now really… what could, of ALL place, Montgomery, AL have that could amaze me? Funny you would ask.

So there I was, driving down I-85 at about 3:30am (since I always drive at night cause it’s more “stealthy”). I was approaching my interchange to merge from I-85 onto I-65 when it appeared.

A sign.

On the interstate.

And it read… “Alabama Shakespeare Festival.”

It really startled me. Since it was 3:30am, I thought I could be dreaming (not that I EVER do that while driving). But there soon appeared a SECOND sign, confirming the first.

Why did these signs amaze me? Well… I was in Montgomery. Alabama. And it amazed me that they actually knew who Shakespeare WAS and had a festival to honor him, but they even spelled his name correctly. On BOTH signs.

My name is ThOm and I approved this blog post.

And that’s MY take.