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Road Dentistry… 2-1-2015

So in my effort to always stay abreast of current events and on top of world events, I peruse several news outlets on a regular basis. I recently came across this intriguing headline:



“… the driver lost control while he was pulling one of his teeth.”

I thought, “Surely this isn’t as it reads.” Sadly… it was.

“… the truck driver told troopers he had taken his hands off the wheel to pull a loose tooth when he wrecked…”

“… The crash shut down a stretch of interstate for about 11 hours until a single lane reopened…” (NOTE- Most of the closure time was due to excessive celebration of a person with a tooth being found in Alabama. Local news outlets reported that several residents showed up at the scene to “celebrate” the driver of the truck).


Several things popped to mind as I processed this story:

– What has this country come to that we are reduced to self-dentistry?

– Where did they find someone in Alabama with a tooth? (Note – obviously just a visitor passing through).

– He wrecked the truck… but had the presence of mind to save the tooth in his shirt pocket.

– Did the shirt have sleeves? (Hey… it IS Alabama).

– Is the number of the Interstate where the incident happened (I-20) higher than the number of teeth of those responding to the incident? (Again… it IS Alabama).

– Why was the driver’s name redacted from the report? It should be publicized so we can protect ourselves from such an idiot.

– Is this person related to me?

– Should I inventory MY teeth to see if it WAS me?

– What does it say about me that I regularly share these type news items?

It was also reported that one spectator was nearly cited for continually heckling the “Law” for citing the driver involved.


It appears he was chanting through his “tooth” to “Le’ ‘im go… Le’ ‘im go… Le’ ‘im go… ” Not arrests were made in the end.