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Never Give Up … 12-24-2017

She was hardly born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Far from it. Like the rest of us, her extended family, she was from the wrong side of the tracks and life was tough. But unlike many in her shoes, she never let that stop her.

From her humble and ramshackle beginning, life was never easy. A single parent at 16, she put her life and education on hold to be the Mom that child needed. And for the two that followed.

But like most situations, bad times normally lead to good. And it did here. Roger came into her life. Marriage followed along with 3 more children … including a set of twins and a Special Needs child.

But she realized feeling sorry for yourself is not the answer. So she worked and earned her GED. A certificate as a CNA soon followed. And then, like her mother … and grandmother … and great-grandmother before her, the calling was heard.

A need to serve others pushed her to earn a Batchelor of Science in nursing. And earlier this month, on December 17th, 2017, she was pinned and hooded with a Double Masters in Nursing.

Next on the agenda will be her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, DNP.

She has proven that you can NOT let adversity keep you down. No matter your beginning. No matter what difficulty you face. No matter your surroundings. You, and ONLY you, can make the decision that what you have, or where you came form, is not who you are or where you have to stay. You can always better yourself. It’s never too late to start. But if you never start, well … you’ll always be where you are.

So to my cousin Jennifer, RN, MSN, congratulations on this latest achievement. And good luck with the future degree. But most of all, much adulation for your perseverance. For not throwing in the towel. For not giving up. For proving yourself. But most of all … for being a leader and showing others that the trail can be blazed.