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Weird Ramblings from a Warped Mind

More Ramblings From A Warped Mind… 12-30-2013

~ If you ever need to discipline your kids privately for making fun of people in Wal*Mart, the toothbrush aisle is almost always empty.

~ I’m done learning new things until someone can prove to me that we won’t have Google forever.

~ The only way I’d be interested in “leg day at the gym” is if it meant they were serving fried chicken.

~ Yesterday I ate a restaurant and the food was so bad… my tapeworm asked to see the manager.

~ I’m thinking of becoming an evil genius. So far I can only see one stumbling block.

~ Even with a busy schedule, I always find time for critical thinking errors.

~ For my next trick, pay close attention as I transform this bottle of Jack Daniels into a fat lip and an arrest for public intoxication.

~ I can fail to satisfy you in ways you never even knew existed.

~ I can’t diet because it would devastate the local fast food economy, and frankly, I just don’t think I could live with that kind of guilt.

~ Calm down mechanic guy… I’m just here for an oil change. If I wanted to know about all the other crap that’s wrong with my truck I’d turn the radio down.

~ Jack LaLanne died three years ago… and he’s still in better shape than I am.

~ I can ignore you so hard you will begin to doubt your own existence.

~ So I’m not sure if this lady at Wal*Mart was genuinely surprised at life in general or if that was just the way she plucked her eyebrows.

~ I got arrested last night for “Failure to Correctly Recite Alphabet Backwards.”

~ “… and on your left you see Fred in camo. On your right is Bertha, she has ridden many miles on that electric cart.” (If Wal*Mart had tour guides).

~ Next year, I’m cutting back on moderation.

~ Our new welcome mat says, “Oh great! Not you again!”

~ So THESE are pistachios? And all this time I’ve been calling them wood clams.

~ Nobody in Wal*Mart thinks I’m a good bowler. Also, clean up in aisle four.

~ Little known musical trivia: If you play Stairway to Heaven backwards, it becomes Highway to Hell.

~ The “Skip Ad” countdown on YouTube is more exciting than an Apollo launch.

~ I grew up poor, but then I found a thesaurus and now I’m impecunious.

~ I went by the Nursing Home and attached canes horizontally to dozens of walkers. Talk about the slowest jousting match ever…

~ An 8 year old boy was screaming at Wal*Mart because his mom wouldn’t buy him a Mars bar… so I bought one and ate it in front of him.

~ So the smoke detector is trying to tell me it’s battery is so dangerously low that it can only beep 4000 times?

~ You know you’ve had too much when the cat barks.

~ Be right back, this cop is insisting on reading me my Miranda Rights.

~ I’ve never been to jail, but I did get stuck in a pair of skinny jeans at Old Navy once.

~ While most don’t understand my particular kind of crazy, they do admire my commitment.

~ There is no panic like the panic you feel when you think you may have clogged the toilet at someone else’s house.

~ My neighbor Marcel does a great bird impression… he eats worms.

~ Some people just lack the ability to laugh at themselves… and that’s where I come in.

~ If you put dry teabags in shoes they absorb the odor… so your shoes smell good, but the tea tastes so bad it’s almost not worth it.

~ I like to confuse my doctor by putting on rubber gloves at the same time he does.