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Live Here? Speak Like It!

I received a letter from Census2010 today. It was addressed to me… my name… my address. And the purpose of this letter? To inform me that I would be receiving the ACTUAL Census2010 form in about a week. Huh?? They sent me a letter to tell me I would be receiving the form?

I realize the US Postal Service is going broke. As they should. Too many employees… no customer service… But should our tax dollars be used for frivolous mailings to help bail them out? It appears so.

But anyway… I read the letter and laid it aside. I gave myself a little time to ponder. And then I picked it up and looked at it again. I noticed at the bottom there were five different languages telling me if I had problems understanding the letter, to go to their website for more assistance.

I understood the letter since I can read at/or above a third grade level, but I went to the website anyway because I just like to torture myself like that. I have nothing better to do, so I find things to ensure I will need my blood pressure medicine the following morning. This was one of those times.

I looked around the site a bit and stumbled upon a dropdown menu of available languages. And there were more available than just the five on the letter. There were 59 from which to choose. 59. Fifty Nine. El Fifty-o Nine-o.

I have a problem with that. But I fully expect you realize that by now.

We lived in Germany for nine years. And while there, we visited other countries, as well. Never during our journeys did anyone immediately start to speak English to us. We had to attempt their language. And only then did some of them speak English to us. It was never a given.

The same can’t be said for here.

I have to press “1” on nearly every phone call to continue in English. Why? This is America. I shouldn’t have to press anything to continue in English. That should be a given. And I watch Cops on TV and they have to have officers that speak a number of languages available so when they arrest someone that doesn’t speak English. Me? I think they should sit in jail until they learn to communicate.

Every where I go, I see signs, forms, employees, etc… that cater to people that WON’T learn our language. If you want to live here, learn the language of this country. And please don’t take this as me being anti-immigration. I’m not. I’m anti-ignorant. And I AM anti-illegal immigration. If you want to be here, that’s great. But do it legally. And learn the language that is spoken here… so that in the NEXT census, we can have the letters written in ONE language: American!

And that’s MY take.