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Kinda Cheeky

I don’t mind getting complaints. If I say or do something that offends you, let me know. If you don’t tell me, I might do it again by accident. And if you DO tell me and I do it again, well… you’re just gonna have to suffer.

And on the same note, I don’t mind complaining. If I’m out and about and something isn’t right, I’m going to make sure somebody knows. But I try not to take my hostility out on the person listening to me. If my food isn’t right in a restaurant, I’ll tell the server, but it isn’t THEIR fault it’s cooked wrong. So I tell them in my “inside voice.”

But sometimes, complaints are just over the top. The problem being complained about is beyond fixing. Or just the notion that the person complained about it blows my mind. Such as the following item:

In Atlanta (of all places), a guy robs a burger joint. He puts on a ski mask, takes his gun, and walks up to the drive-thru. He demanded the cash drawer, grabbed it, and walked away.

Now first off, I see a couple of problems here. He “walks” up to the drive-thru. Now had I been the minimum-wage-earning hamburger salesman, I would have let him know immediately that this was against company policy. For his own safety, he would need to find a car to use the drive-thru for his robbery. Heaven forbid he get run over while attempting his law-breaking action. He would then be suing the hamburger place for not stopping him from robbing them while walking.

Second thing I see here is… they should have had AMPLE time to catch him. Every “fast food” drive-thru I use is never fast. They should have told him that while his order was being prepared, they needed him to step aside and they would bring it right out. That should have given them plenty of time to call the cops.

But the BEST thing about this robber is, he was unhappy with his order. After he got home and found out how little he had received, he called the restaurant back to complain. TWICE!!

“Uhhhh… yeah. I just used the drive-thru at your establishment and I’m not happy with the order I received. After I got home and checked my bag, I found out I hadn’t received enough.” He actually called back and told them “Next time there better be more than $586.”

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth… “Yeah, somebody gave me a lottery ticket and I only won $1,000. Why couldn’t I hit it BIG?”

Kinda cheeky if you ask me.

And that’s MY take.