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Karma Can Be a REAL…

Karma – the belief that humans have free will to choose good or evil and suffer the consequences.

Are you stuck in traffic on your way home? Maybe you should have let that car merge in this morning. Does your favorite TV show only advertise Depends? Laugh at the little kid that had an “accident” next time. Does your grocery cart always have one crazy wheel that won’t roll? Well… that AIN’T karma. That’s all of us.

I’ve started paying closer to attention to karma. Not saying I’m completely sold on it, but it makes me stop and wonder sometimes. I think the nicer, kinder, gentler, we are to those around us, the better our lives have a tendency to be.

And on the flip side… if we go out of our way to make the lives of those around us more miserable at every step, well… that can come back to haunts us, too. (Are you listening, J2? Maybe you’re lonely and miserable because that’s how you treat other people. But I digress).

So I was reading the news over the last couple of days and a couple of items concerning karma jumped out at me:

1. NC man dies removing copper wire from substation

Now frequently when I read a news item that involves injury or death, I have a tendency to feel remorse for the victim. What a shame they were injured so badly. How awful they were taken in the prime of their life. And often, it’s the family I feel sorry for. Such is the case here.

While reading this item, I had no sorrow for this guy. At 23, he knew better. That’s part of the problem with youth today. They don’t want to take the time to learn how to do something right. If he was going to steal copper wire from a substation, common sense should dictate that you learn which wires are hot.

Yep… no sympathy from me on this one.

2. Man killed in crash on stolen motorcycle

Here again is a news item involving the death of the person involved. And again, I have no sympathy. If I were a thief, I think I would only try to steal things I knew how to operate. I would go for cars… trucks… BoBs (Big ‘ol Buses)… that sort of thing. For instance, since I’m not a pilot and I don’t like to fly, I would not try to steal an airplane.

It appears this guy probably didn’t have a motorcycle endorsement on his license. He should have probably stuck to stealing cars and trucks. Had he done so, he might be sitting here laughing along with me.

And just to add insult to injury… he was speeding and driving recklessly when he crashed. I just LOVE when there is icing on the cake. I might have had just a TWINGE of compassion had he been going below the speed limit and driving carefully. But that’s not a given.

So in BOTH of these cases, I have no real sympathy for the victims. Both knew what they were doing was wrong. Both crossed the line. And both paid the ultimate price. No… my real compassion here in both cases goes to their survivors. Can you imagine having to go to all those future family reunions when you KNOW someone is going to bring up how your relative got fried cause he didn’t know the wire he was stealing was hot.

Hmmm… on second thought, maybe it isn’t karma that’s such a B*T*H. Maybe it’s stupidity.

And that’s MY take.