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It DON’T Have to be Like This

I like funny stuff. (THAT’S a shocker, huh)? If you fall down and I’m there, I’m gonna laugh at ya. After I make sure you aren’t hurt. Well… that you aren’t hurt TOO bad. Shoestring break? That’s my chuckle you hear. Bonk your head on an OBVIOUS object. I’m gonna laugh at your clumsy butt.

I like to watch funny videos on TV. But NOT the “staged” ones. I like the ones where someone just happens to get lucky and is filming when the unexpected happens. I’m in that situation a lot, but I’ve never been lucky enough to have a camera.

But I think my favorites are the “World’s Dumbest” series. These folks get into these situations JUST because they are idiots!! How much better can you get? Like the guy trying to get a free soda by rocking the half-ton soda machine so hard it falls over on him. “HEY IDIOT… put $.50 in the machine like the rest of us.” Oh wait… you can’t cause you’re squished like an opossum on the road. Now THAT’S funny!

Anyway… to me, comedy should be just that. Funny. Not dirty. There is a time and place for everything, but if you’re in mixed company, have a little respect.

Now what brought THIS topic out? I was watching one of my favorite comedians on TV last night. And the language and subject matter was… well… sad. I never knew you had to say the “F” word so many times to be funny. And personally, jokes about bodily functions quit being funny in about the sixth grade. And while watching a different performer, there was so much “bleeped” out, you couldn’t even follow his jokes. And as one guy said, “It made me madder than a midget with a yo-yo.”

I kinda started feeling my age by thinking these thought. That is… until I went to one performer’s web site and read some of the feedback from his fans. It seems MANY feel the same way.

I like to make folks laugh. Giving someone else a smile makes me feel good. I try not to use inappropriate language or topics that might offend others. Do I cross the line at times? Sure. But I’m not too big to step back and apologize. But I DO try to stay away from the “F” word and bodily functions.

But fair warning… if you’re an idiot and do something stupid, I’m gonna laugh at you until I hurt. Or if you’re in the hospital recovering, I’ll be there to make fun of you when they “accidentally” wire your tongue between your teeth. Because THAT is funny. Right Steve?