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In Case You Missed It… 8-14-2013

* I’m so old that I was the TV remote when I was a kid…

* I just saw a commercial for gluten free dog food. Did I miss something? Is gluten sensitivity a “thing” with dogs now? Because mine licks his butt.

* Have you ever felt like you’ve said too much? Yeah, me either.

* Have you ever wished that you had Jesse’s squirrel?

* My twitter account is like an express lane… always 20 followers or less.

* I’m pretty sure my tombstone will read “Yeah… that was dumb.”

* Like my mother always told me: “I wish we would have taken home that other baby from the hospital.” She was always such a big ball of inspiration.

* Based on my current calculations, I can retire… 5 years after I die.

* While I may seem like a nice person, I’m silently sitting here judging your grammar and punctuation.

* I count calories up to a healthy level and then roll them over to the next day… so far I’ll be eating healthy until 2026.

* I can tell a lot about OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) by her hands. For instance, if they’re around my throat, she’s probably upset.

* It’s not denial… I’m just very selective about the reality I accept.

* I’d stop being a butt-head if people would stop being stupid.

* I’m planning to put my trash in a sleeping bag and drag it to the street in the middle of the night just to see if my neighbors were paying attention.

* Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of the stuff I’m not doing…

* So I’m on a new diet where I accidentally saw my neighbor naked on Saturday and I haven’t eaten since.

* If you insist on speeding up when I try and pass you I will insist on riding my brakes once I get in front of you…

* I always say a silent prayer for any guy whose life depends on his girl quickly finding something in her purse.

* I’m contemplating opening a liquor/pet store for single ladies specializing in box wine and cats.

* I’m right handed but I tweet with my left. Not sure if I’m a switch-twitter or a bi-textual.

* Is it too late to respond to a text from 33 days ago? I mean, I’m sure she’s found a ride from the airport by now.

* Sometimes, instead of Googleing, I’ll just speculate and hope for the best.