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In Case You Missed It… 5-11-2013

Ramblings from May 10th…

* I’m not sure if it would be easier to clean this trailer or just burn it down and start over.

* Soooo… I guess its considered rude to compliment someone on how much she sweats.

* I’d love to know what I’m thinking right now. Hopefully the voices in my head and I will be back on speaking terms soon.

* Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal.

* I can hear Google sigh every time I start typing in their search bar.

* I remember dating a girl in high school that had a lazy eye… or maybe it’s that the other eye was an overacheiver.

* I would love to learn who my our cat’s coke dealer is…

* So I guess my neighbor got divorced and they split the house. He got the outside….