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I’m Still Learnin’

So… I’m on the road a good bit these days. Seeing places I’ve never seen. Granted… I see most of it at night and it all looks the same. But I’m still in a learnin’ phase. And while I’m in the learnin’ phase, so are the guys that ride on BoB (the Big ‘ol Bus). THEY need to learn not to criticize… cause I’ve been known to hit the brakes while they’re in the shower. Or something along those lines.

I’m learnin’ not to criticize too early myself, too. We were in Arkansas a few days back and I was wondering what they spent their Federal Highway dollars on… cause it appeared to be evident they didn’t spend them on the highways. I thought they had some mighty bad roads… until I drove through El Paso, TX.

I stopped at a truck stop in El Paso and thought I had gone off-road. Poor ‘ol BoB was rockin’ back and forth like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t believe they let them get that bad.

And speakin’ of truck stops… I’m learnin’ they can be a fun place to visit. I saw one lady (and I use the term “lady” VERY loosely here) roamin’ around lookin’ for someone… callin’ his name… and NO place was safe from her search. Not the store… not the bathrooms… not even the showers.

And while I was passing through Texas yesterday, I thought sure I’d see a cowboy. You know the kind… Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, John Wayne… a REAL cowboy. Well, sadly, I got my bubble popped. Now I saw a lot of cowboy HATS, but I don’t think they were “real” cowboys.

Like the one in the cowboy hat, shorts, a tank-top, and Nikes. Not real. And one scared me. He must have been at least 60, he had a beard to rival ZZ Top, and suspenders that were holding his pants just below his buttocks. I’m not a fan of “saggers” anyway, but especially THAT one.

We had stopped in Odessa, TX for an “authentic” Mexican dinner. And the restaurant had an “authentic” Mariachi Band. And since I’m in my learnin’ stage, I learned that Mariachi loosely translates to “off key.” It didn’t matter which instrument took the lead, none of the other could find the right key to follow it. But it appeared no one other than me seemed to mind. During one break, I saw the fiddler… well… fiddlin’ with the strings trying to tune it. And I’m thinking… why bother?

I did learn that the Mariachi Band was pretty popular. After we left, they were on EVERY station on the radio. Who knew?

Soooo… I’m trying to be like a sponge and just soak stuff up. I’m trying to keep my opinions to myself. And if you know me… you KNOW that’s tough. Once I get things down, I’ll let them know how I feel. But for now… I’m still learnin’.

And that’s MY take.