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If Only It Were That Easy

You have to pay your own way. You use it, you pay for it. You break it, you buy it. I’ve always heard things like this. Ever since I was a kid. And they always made sense to me. But there is always that ONE out there that tries to do there own thing.

Take the lady in Amsterdam. Her electric bill was $57,000.00. FIFTY-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!! I average about $325.00 a month, so $57,000.00 would take me just over 14 ½ YEARS to accumulate. Now I understand this lady was in Europe. And they DO have castles in Europe. So she could have had a castle that she was lighting up. Or… she could have had her ENTIRE neighborhood hooked to her house. What a GREAT way to make friends.

The funny part is… they came to turn her power off. Imagine that. I wonder what the cut-off point is… $56,999.99? “Uh oh… she’s over the limit. Go cut her off.” SO they send ‘ol unsuspecting Bob over to her house (or unsuspecting Olaf since she was in Amsterdam).

So unsuspecting Olaf shows up for a routine disconnect. And THEN he found out it wasn’t quite so routine. The lady locked poor ‘ol Olaf in her house and wouldn’t let him leave. She told him her bill wasn’t that high and then called the cops wanting to work out a payment plan.

Too late. Poor ‘ol Olaf had already cut her power off. And he pressed charges. So I guess she will be going to jail and won’t have to worry about the lights at her house. And if I have this figured right, at $.12 per hour, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, to pay off her $57,000.00 light bill is gonna take about… Dang!! There aren’t enough zeros on my calculator.

And that’s MY take.