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I Never Realized

If you’re going to be poor… the BEST time is when you’re a kid because you don’t know. I never realized we were poor when I was growing up. Not until I was an adult and looked back and thought… “Dang… we were poor.”

All the stuff I had when I was a kid seemed normal. At least at the time. I remember I had the car carrier trailer from a Tonka truck. Just the trailer, mind you. And I used to play with it. Never knew there was another piece that was missing. I guess the truck got unhitched at the Tonka Truck Stop and drove off without the trailer. So that was what I ended up with.

And I now realize that some of my other toys weren’t “quite” right, either. Now you have to remember this was during the mid to late ’60s, so Viet Nam was going on. So I didn’t find it odd that my GI Joes only had one leg or were missing an arm. Or one foot was gone. I thought they had been discharged from the VA Hospital after coming home from the war. (I do remember thinking it odd that the headless one could still talk. Still haven’t figured THAT one out).

But looking back… those were some GREAT times. We didn’t have a Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo, XBox. I didn’t have SpongeBob, Cartoon Network, or anything like that. I was lucky yo have a TV. I remember it was as big as a refrigerator and the picture was the size of shoe box. And no cable or satellite. We had rabbit ears that you had to put tin foil on. And you STILL had to hold the rabbit ears while standing on one leg with your right arm out at a 90 degree angle to get the snow out of the picture.

Yeah… being poor when you’re a kid isn’t so bad. It’s ALWAYS fun to sit and watch your sister dance with a broom while watching American Band Stand. But I’ll save that for another day.