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I DO Have Good Ideas… Sometimes

I have LOTS of ideas. In fact, I’ll bet if I were put in charge for a while, I could solve a lot of problems. MY problems at least. But intertwined with my brilliant ideas, a “not so brilliant” one comes along every now and then.

But I’m not saying THIS was one of the “not so brilliant” ones.

There was normally three of us living in this house at any one time… give or take one. That would be OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy), Melinda (some of the time), and me. I don’t count Bernie and his cat Cole. So three of us on a somewhat right regular basis.

And the three of us have been living here in this particular house for a tad bit over five years now.

Now of the three of us, we all go to the dentist twice a year. We get our check up and our cleaning. And when we’re done, they give us a goodie bag of toothy treats. We get a roll of floss (which is GREAT for tying up tomato plants), a toothbrush (mine is always purple), and a small tube of toothpaste.

So three occupants, times two dentist visits per year, times five years, equals quite a few small tubes of toothpaste. About 213… give or take. Math has never been my strong point… and I may have carried the 1 wrong. But anyway…

So hence my idea.

We never seemed to actually use the small tubes of toothpaste that we received from the dentist. We always went out and bought a large tube. Convenience? Who knows? I never bother to ask lest a fracas ensue.

But one day recently, during a lull in my schedule (a RARE occurrence I ASSURE you), I came up with the idea to transfer the full small tubes into an empty large tube. I know JUST what you’re thinking… why didn’t I think of this SOONER?? Who knows… but I set about to put my idea into motion.

I just happened to have a large empty toothpaste tube laying around (who doesn’t?). So I began my quest of transferring the first small tube to the large tube. I put the openings together and squeezed… WOW!! That was a mess. Toothpaste everywhere and not a tooth in sight.

Step two… I found every funnel we had in the kitchen. And as luck would have it, the smallest one fit. So I squeezed all the toothpaste from the second tube in and waited. And waited. Had lunch. And waited. Toothpaste is a slow mover, let me tell ya. This was going nowhere… slow.

I tried a toothpick to “encourage” the toothpaste to go faster. Then I tried a spoon to force more in the large tube quicker. Then I said… to heck with it. The small tubes are actually kinda cute. And lighter when I squeeze.

I wonder what my next project will be…??

And that’s MY take.