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How Do You Get To…

Working with the Census the last few weeks has been enlightening. I guess I have been one of the more lucky workers since I haven’t been shot, chased, or killed. Yet. But it’s also interesting to see where people live. Not necessarily the structure, but the names. Some of these are located here in Hicksville and some are from other locations.

Jolly Cemetery Road – Now I liked this one. Normally, a cemetery isn’t a jolly place… unless the right person is moving in. And I could name a couple right off the bat that would make me jolly if they moved there.

Poor House Road – I should of moved here long time ago.

Climax – this is a town in North Carolina. I hope to move there if I retire.

No Name Street – can you imagine being drunk and trying to tell the cab driver where you lived?

Stair Way – Not sure if it went all the way to Heaven.

Booger Hollow – I’m glad this one wasn’t in my Census area.

Titman Road – Just to be fair, I’ve been looking for Legman Lane with no luck.

Wong Way – This was in Riverside, CA, but some folks got together and changed it to Wong Street. Probably the same folks that break up a good party.

AAAA Road – This one is in Australia. It’s tough on the residents since the Post Office gets it confused with some other streets… AAAAA Way, AAA Street, etc…

Divorce Court – This one is in Heather Highlands, PA. Said to be a lonely, miserable street.

Psycho Path – While this should be the street I live on, sadly, it is located in Traverse City, MI.

Church and State – These two roads intersect in Oregon. I’m surprised no one has tried to separate them.

Memory Lane – Saw this one, but I can’t remember where.

De Long Way – Funny how this one doesn’t get much traffic.

Anyway, it’s always fun to see what pops up while I’m out meeting folks. As long as it isn’t a gun. Or a pickax. Or a dog. Or a crossbow. Or a… or a… or a…

And that’s MY take.