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Help Wanted

Are you unemployed? Do you need a job? Under-employed? Looking for something on the side? Need some spending money for Christmas? Want to pay off a bill? That high-interest credit card? Have a friend down on their luck? Well have I got a prospect for you!!

I have had the luxury of visiting a Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicle office in Nashville this week. And on both occasions, I had time to sit and watch some of the people that visit this very busy office. And it was during these visits, as I watched people come and go, that a potentially lucrative business idea came to mind.

VERY low start up cost. VERY low overhead. Unlimited earning potential. Did you catch that past? UNLIMITED earning potential. Have I caught your attention yet? Piqued your interest?

What could it be? Well… let me tell ya. Folks, Nashville is in need… DIRE need… of some fashion coordinators. BAD need.

The poor lady that wore in a white t-shirt that she mistook for a dress? Yeah… she needs some help. And she also needs a bra. Did I mention her t-shirt dress was white? And that she forgot her bra? The bra that should have been UNDER the WHTE t-shirt dress? I understand that it may have been the “girls” day out… but PLEASE!! In public?

And the young lady that came in with her knee-length t-shirt. At least she had “the girls” corralled. You could tell by the slits she had up the back of her shirt. And she kept all of her important documents in her “fanny pack.” How do I know this tid-bit? Because every time she lifted her shirt to get some important document out, you could see her fanny.

And don’t let me mislead you into thinking is was just the females. Oh no… the guys needed some help, too. Like the VERY heavyset gentleman who arrived in a sleeveless shirt and sweatpants. SWEATPANTS… in AUGUST… in the SOUTH… and he was already extremely HEAVY! Now… had the sweatpants been the correct size… maybe not such a problem. But I’m guessing… just going out on a limb here… that they were maybe just a size or 19 too small. Why did I come to that conclusion? Well… if you IMMEDIATELY get a Camel Toe as soon as you take a seat… it might be time to get some bigger clothes.

Folks… the Country Music Capitol is in need. If you have an OUNCE of fashion sense, you are needed here. That or send a mirror. Maybe we could SHAME these people into dressing right. I do have to admit… it really helped my diet for two days. I sure didn’t feel like eating after I left the DMV.

And that’s MY take.