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Have We NO Shame??

Some of us have no shame. Now I’ll admit… ring my doorbell and I’ll answer in my boxers. If you need to sell me something or discuss something with me and that bothers ya, too bad. But even I have a limit.

So we have a member of Congress who won’t dock his new $7 million yacht in his home state to save $500 thousand dollars in taxes. So he docks it in Rhode Island instead. But he doesn’t mind voting to increase OUR taxes. Now I understand he has to mind his pennies… I wouldn’t want him to blow through his estimated $167 million fortune. But just how does John Kerry sleep at night??

And then the city administrators of Bell, CA… THEY take the cake. Now let me set the stage here. The city of Bell, CA has about 40,000 citizens. And of those 40,000 residents, 17% live in poverty. That’s about 6,800 folks living below the poverty line.

The Chief Administrative Officer was earning $787,637 per year. That’s nearly twice what the president is paid. The Assistant City Manager was earning $376,288. And the Police Chief? He was earning 457,000… 50% more than the LA Police Chief earns. He should have the backbone to arrest himself and the other two thieves.

So obviously, they have no shame. They have all three decided to resign… and draw their pensions. The Chief Administrative Officer will only draw $650,000 per year in retirement. How will the poor guy survive? We may need to pass the hat for him. He will be the highest-paid retiree in the state’s pension system. And they have no shame.

And another long-time member of Congress is up on ethics charges. Now to me, those two words are hard to say in the same sentence… Congress and ethics. But he is being investigated for his use of FOUR rent-controlled apartments, using his official stationary to raise money for one of his boondoggles that pays him, and on… and on.

These folks have no shame. That’s why we need to clean house with our elected officials. Let some others get in there and get their fair share. If you agree, vote for me in November. If you need to know my platform, I’ll be parked in the handicap spot at Wally-World. Illegally of course… because I, TOO, have no shame.

And that’s MY take.