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Give ‘em an “E” For Effort

I love when topics jump out at me. I normally don’t have to go seeking for something to write about. I can usually look at just about any situation and find something humorous in it. I’m sure that bugs many of you, but I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and other things. If your life is always sad and boring… why bother.

A number of years back when I was a volunteer firefighter, this trait came up at many of the calls we responded to. Now, I try not to be cold and callous (THAT’S a shocker, ain’t it?), but many of the scenes we responded to could have been prevented with a little common sense. There were several occasions where it was just easier to lie to the family rather than tell them the truth about how or why their loved one wasn’t with us anymore. More than once I bit my tongue to keep from telling a grieving survivor that their relative died from a serious and fatal case of Idiotism. Any of you reading this that has worked in Emergency Services know what I talking about.

But back to topics at hand. Sometimes, folks just need to do a little research to see that what they are attempting has already been tried. And it failed. So if it failed then… it is probably gonna fail now.

So it seems there was a movie back in 1989 called “Weekend at Bernie’s.” These two guys have to pretend their dead boss is still alive, so they dress him up, put some sunglasses on him, and away they go.

And it appears that two ladies in England didn’t take the time to research the movie before they tried to sneak a corpse onto a fight to Berlin. It seems they dressed up the 91 year old man, put sunglasses on him, loaded him into a wheelchair, and took off on their adventure. Too bad they were snagged at the airport. But… I’ll give them an “E” for Effort.

Now my other topic kinda falls into the “why bother” category. Up in Juneau, Alaska, somebody left some counterfeit money in a bar’s tip jar. Counterfeit money is nothing new. Especially with the economy like it is. Times are hard. People are desperate.

But this yahoo counterfeited ONE DOLLAR BILLS. And he only copied them on one side. Juneau only has a population of about 30,000 folks. I would gather from that number that there aren’t that many bars from which to choose. So it might be safe to assume that it will be relatively simple to narrow down the list of suspects in this incident.

For his sake, I can only hope the judge is lenient when they are caught and sentenced. I would think they should only be sentenced to half the normal time since they only counterfeited one side of the $1 bills.

And that’s MY take.