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Everyone Should See a Giant Pickle Drop ONCE in Their Life

Somethings come along but once in a lifetime. And if you miss it that one time, it’s gone forever. Halley’s Comet might be a good example. It swings by about every 75 years or so, so most folks only get one chance to see it. Or the first man on the moon… that type of event. Some things you can’t plan for. But others occur with regular timing and we still go through life missing out.

The end of the year is upon us once again. And with it, the endless choices of how to ring in the New Year. Should I spend a quiet night at home? Should I go out to a local watering hole with a group of friends? Or should I hit a MAJOR event that could be my once in a lifetime chance to see something HUGE??

I’ve always thought Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve would be an awesome spot. Just you and about a MILLION of your closest drunk friends. OK… maybe not. That would be a nightmare in my book. But there are similar choices close to most of us.

Just south of us in Huntsville, AL, they have a nice lighted ball drop. Raleigh, NC has the great Acorn drop. Our neighbors over in Tallapoosa, GA have the Opossum drop… which is actually close to our celebration tradition here in Hickville Holler where we have the Opossum Fling. Right at the stroke of midnight, we take the Opossum by the tail and FLING it as far as it’ll go. All the young’uns just love it.

But I think my FAVORITE tradition in in Mt. Olive, NC (home of Mt. Olive Pickles). Mt. Olive started a tradition back about 1999 to have a Pickle drop. So they have this giant ‘ol Pickle that they raise up the flagpole and it drops down at the right time. Now the right time in Mt. Olive is 7:00pm… which translates to midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

So why would they pick 7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT) to drop the Pickle? Now really… would YOU want to hang around until midnight to see a Pickle drop? Yeah… they didn’t think anyone else would either.

So sometime in your life, you need to make plans to head to Mt. Olive, NC on New Year’s Eve t watch the giant Pickle drop at 7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT). Then you can pass that lore down to all your ancestors. Oh… and before I forget… it’s easy to find in Mt. Olive, NC. It all takes place on the corner of Cucumber and Vine. I kid you not.

Look around while you’re there and you just might see me. But it won’t be this year…

And that’s MY take.