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Even a Tragedy Can Be a Blessing… 5-6-2014

Tragedy and challenges are a part of life. No one truly lives a charmed life where everything is perfect all the time… except on TV or in the movies. Real life is just that… real.

OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) and I have faced several challenges this year. But how you handle the challenges you face can be the catalyst to how you handle the grief that follows and the ability to come to terms and move forward.

In January, OWN’s (‘Ol Weird Nancy’s), father passed. He had been in declining health for several years and HE had decided that it was time. And while it is never easy to lose someone so close, we looked upon this with a blessing in our hearts. We had been able to visit a few months prior and all of his surviving children were there at the same time… a first in 30+ years.
And as his passing was imminent, we were able to arrive and be there with all of the family during such a difficult time. So I felt blessed for both of these opportunities.

Early last month, we lost our beloved Bernie The WONDER Dog. And again, this was a tough loss for our family. But I realized while we grieved that we had been blessed to have him in our lives for over 15 years. He brought us MUCH love, happiness, smiles, and, now, memories during those years. At the end, we made sure he didn’t suffer. And again, for that, we are blessed.

And then last week, a tornado struck our neighborhood. I can walk outside right now and realize JUST how blessed we were. I rode out the storm in our home as it passed within 100 yards. Our damage is slight… some shingles, windows, fencing, trees, etc. But several of our neighbors lost everything. Their homes were completely destroyed. Two local citizens lost their lives.

I could choose to dwell on any one of these tragedies and focus on just the grief. But instead, we have chosen to give thanks for the blessings we received from each one… and each one IS a blessing.

My life was enriched for knowing John Herzog for 33+ years. He taught me a LOT. And we shared many laughs… some of which I was honored to share in a Eulogy at his Memorial Service.

As I mentioned, Bernie The WONDER Dog gave us so many years of love and happiness. We will miss him, but have plans on how he will be honored and his memories will always be in our hearts.

And just looking at the destruction that surrounds us, some TOTAL destruction, some with MAJOR damage, and some like us… with only minor damage… let’s me know the love and blessings that surrounded me personally, and our home, during that storm.

So the next time you face a tragedy or challenge, don’t just dwell on the negative. There truly is a silver lining. All we have to do is look to find it.