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Don’t Forget the Hymns… 2-9-2014

My friend Gordon Mote made an observation last night that I agree with completely.

Music Ministers… PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

He, like I, was raised in Churches that sang hymns. As I have aged, my tastes have expanded to include my types and genres of music. I enjoy Contemporary Christian and Praise and Worship immensely. And many, if not all or most, Churches today have incorporated those styles into their worship at the expense of the Old Hymns.

What this is doing is a great disservice and disadvantage to our young people. The messages, word of hope and promise, and foundations that are in those Old Hymns are being lost to this new generation.

I would encourage all Ministers of Music to incorporate at least one Hymn into each service each week. And if you have a split service… one Contemporary and one Traditional… incorporate one type of each song into the other service.

This VERY reason is why OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy) and I are seeking a new Church home… our previous Church had completely lost touch with the old Hymns. And as a result… they lost touch with us.

Don’t forget the Hymns.

And that’s MY take…