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Do You Remember…? 9-15-2014

Its one of those “Where were you?” moments. A point in time you will never forget. Its like when Kennedy was shot. Even after 50+ years… people recall that moment in time. They remember exactly where they were and what they were doing.

Thursday was that day for the modern generation… 9/11. After 13 years, everyone… and I mean EVERYONE… knows exactly where they were and what they were doing on that morning.

We remember the initial news and hoping it was a tragic accident… watching the second plane hit the towers and KNOWING it was no accident… watching the towers fall… hearing about the Pentagon… and the Flight 93 crash in Pennsylvania.

This date would be the date that will live in infamy… were that quote not already used. But years from now, our children and their children will remember this date. Because it, too, will live in infamy.

I spent a good deal of time on-line on the 13th anniversary. I read various posts of friends on their Social Media accounts recalling their day. Where they were… how they felt.

I read many accounts of folks that were young grade-school age. They knew a tragedy of epic proportions had occurred, even though at that young age, they couldn’t grasp the enormity of it.

I read a lot on the 13th anniversary. And I, too, remembered.

But I remembered something I didn’t see mentioned in any of the postsI read. I remembered how our nation changed.

People came together.

At our Church in Goldsboro, NC, people came together. Several congregations gathered that night, together, to pray. Different denominations needed each other. Do you remember?

I remember reading of folks opening their homes to strangers whose travel had been interrupted due to the no-fly restriction that covered our country. Do you remember?

Folks spoke to each other. They made eye contact with strangers. They met neighbors they had lived by for years without knowing. Do you remember?

People were civil to each other. For several days, you didn’t read about rioting or looting in the Mid-West. You didn’t read about anyone ambushing State Troopers in the North-East. Do you remember?

Our communities came together. Do you remember?

Why did it take a tragedy? Why did it not last? Are we waiting on the next tragedy?

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can return to those principals at any time. You can help someone today. You can meet that neighbor you don’t know.

Disregard the color of their skin. Don’t ask their religion. Their social status is unimportant.

Just help them because they need it. Meet them because you don’t know them. Hold a door for someone. Allow a pedestrian to cross. Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru.

We can get that feeling back. That connection. Because THAT is what I choose to remember about that day.

Do you remember?