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But I Have an Appointment

It’s 10:00am, the first Saturday of the month. So I head to where I always go at 10:00am on the first Saturday of every month. To get my hair cut. Every month. The first Saturday. At 10:00am. And it’s because I have an appointment. Webster’s defines an appointment as: Main Entry: ap•point•ment Pronunciation: ə-ˈpȯint-mənt Function: […]

Ever the Sportsman

I like to play golf. Or play AT golf, actually. I’m not any good, but I enjoy it. It’s very relaxing to me to hit the little white ball, scream at it as it leaves the tee, and then to hunt for my club after I throw it. Yep… I like golf. I got to […]

Nitnoid Things Bug Me

I went to get some ice water from our SUPER-DELUXE Model. Now, the cup is just great under the water dispenser, but the ICE dispenser is just a smidgen too low for my cup. So I have to tip it at an angle to get the ice in. Why do they do that? I […]

It DON’T Have to be Like This

I like funny stuff. (THAT’S a shocker, huh)? If you fall down and I’m there, I’m gonna laugh at ya. After I make sure you aren’t hurt. Well… that you aren’t hurt TOO bad. Shoestring break? That’s my chuckle you hear. Bonk your head on an OBVIOUS object. I’m gonna laugh at your clumsy butt. […]

I Never Realized

If you’re going to be poor… the BEST time is when you’re a kid because you don’t know. I never realized we were poor when I was growing up. Not until I was an adult and looked back and thought… “Dang… we were poor.” All the stuff I had when I was a kid seemed […]

It Shouldn’t Be This Way

So a friend of ours ran into a deer a few days back. And by ran into… I don’t mean like you run into a friend at the mall. She smacked the HECK outta this deer. She said all she remembered seeing was it flying through the air. And she failed to see the humor […]

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. And I REALLY mean that. No one is more sorry than I. I am really… REALLY… sorry. And with that being said, can we just press on to something else? Do you have to keep shoving it in my face? Every 12 minutes like clockwork. Well… I guess it is clockwork. But you […]

Those Less Fortunate

I think we sometimes become jaded to those around us that are less fortunate. And it usually doesn’t take a knock up side the head to bring us back to reality. I’m not talking about recent disasters that have been in the news… earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc… I’m talking folks that we see day in […]

The Three Gs

I’ve never thought of myself as overly superstitious. Paranormal “beings” seldom pop into my head. When I watch the SyFy channel, I do it for the entertainment value. But lately… well… I’m starting to wonder. I believe this house may be haunted. Possessed. Have a spirit (and by that I mean more than Jack Daniels […]

eBay Treasures

I like to scan things listed on eBay. I like eBay. I have bought WAY too much stuff on there. And I like to sell stuff on there, too. I could probably be happy just listing stuff and buying it back. Wait… that is a great idea. I’ll be right back. I need to write […]