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Bunny Ranchin’

WOW!! I was surprised to learn I am a farmer. I have to do a little research to see if there are some type of tax advantages available to me now. And it’s funny… because I found out completely by accident.

I’m kind of worried at the moment. I have to learn what kind of food I need to buy. I need to find out what the market is like so I don’t get overwhelmed with product. This is not an easy task. I’m a bit nervous as I get started.

So there I was… brushing my teeth and planning my next task (I try not to waste a single minute. My mind is like a well oiled engine… always smoothly running. Never at rest. I know… I know… THAT surprises you). But I was brushing my teeth and contemplating.

So I decided I need to fix my finger. I had been attacked at church the previous day by the Pastor. The SENIOR Pastor, no less. We were shaking hands after church when the assault occurred… ripping my finger nearly to the bone. OK… ok… it’s a scratch. And he didn’t mean to. And unless he reads this post, he will never even know he did it.

But ANY way, while brushing my teeth, I decided to fix my finger with some Neosporin and a Band-Aid. I was one of those types that whatever ails ya, Neosporin and a Band-Aid can fix it.

Don’t worry… this is a farmin’ story. I just have to get around to it…

So I got the tube of Neosporin and put a dab on my finger. And in the process of putting the tube back on the shelf, I knock a jar of Vicks-Vapo-Rub off the shelf. And of course it couldn’t roll out to me. It has to roll under the shelf. And not lust a little… all the way back to the wall.

So I get down and look under the shelf and… WOW!! I didn’t know I was a bunny farmer. And those bunnies have been doin’ what bunnies do, too. Cause there is a whole heck of aLOT ‘em up under there.

What do you feed bunnies? These don’t look like the carrot eating variety. I better look around and see what I can find. Let me check the bedroom. Might be something or them to eat in there.

WHOA… here’s another whole herd up under the bed. No wonder I haven’t been sleeping so well. All these bunnies under the bed makin’ all that racket!! Dumb bunnies.

So, without my knowing it, and completely unintentionally, I have become a bunny rancher. I went and got two pair of overalls and looked at a tractor. Not sure what all I might need.

But surprisingly enough, Nancy has evidently done some research on bunny ranching. She told me she is going to show me how to corral them with some varmit called a vacuum.

I love expanding my knowledge. And trust me… it don’t take much.