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Bigger ISN’T Always Better

As you shop, it seems that all the retailers want you to buy more, More, MORE… all at once. More of this… more of that. If you need any, you need more than you think. We have “clubs” devoted to helping us buy in bulk. Sam’s, CostCo… we PAY for the privilege to buy more. But bigger ain’t always better.

What size is your bed? There are several sizes to choose from. There is the twin. A twin bed is very common. They have been around a long time. Lucy and Ricky had twin beds. And they are still around today. Hospital, kids rooms, college dorms, shelters, all of these places use twin beds.

How about the old full-size or double bed? I’m not sure you can even buy these anymore. And they’ve been around forever, as well. Before we had to have MORE, the double bed was the top of the line. Ozzie and Harriet had a double bed. And then Mike and Carol Brady… a double bed. So why all of a sudden did we have to have MORE in the bedroom?

So we graduated from the double bed to the queen size. MORE room. How much do you move when you’re asleep? That much? So much that you need a queen size bed to roam around? If you’re moving around that much, you’re probably still tired when you get up the next morning.

But still, even the queen wasn’t enough. We graduated to the king. And the California king. Now really… is all that space necessary? Maybe if your zoo sleeps with you, you need some extra space. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, snakes, fish, horses… they all take up a lot of room.

Me? I don’t sleep with a zoo. Just me and ‘Ol Weird Nancy (Own). And we have a king bed. I’ve never understood why. The sheets cost more. It’s not like I roam around during the night. If I need to roam, I’ll get up and walk around the block.

I went in and lay down on the bed a while ago. I tried laying in several positions. And the funny thing was, whichever direction I laid in, I didn’t hang off the other side. But what is REALLY crazy about our king bed is… half of it is brand new. Own’s side has never been slept on. And my side is nearly worn out.

So why am I paying so much for a king bed when OBVIOUSLY a twin would work? Maybe I could buy half a king. Do they sell those? The sheets would be cheaper. There would be more space in the bedroom. It sounds like a win/win situation. Yeah… bigger ain’t always better. At least not in MY bedroom.

And that’s MY take.