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Be a Blessing… 5-14-2014

So over breakfast this morning I heard a young employee mother telling a co-worker that her son had Field Day at school tomorrow. Her younger, non-school aged child, wanted to go. But due to the fact that it would cost $5 for the younger child, she felt they wouldn’t be able to go and watch him. And besides the $5, they would need a little extra for a snack.

I am SO glad He put me there this morning to overhear all of this. And I hope they ALL enjoy Field Day tomorrow…

Be a blessing to someone… anyone… every chance you get.

Because He has blessed my family, we try and bless others.

I don’t post these stories seeking glory or accolades. I post them hoping to spur others to action. It is SO easy to be a blessing.

And it isn’t always with money. Sometimes all it takes is an act or kind word.

YOU could change a life by being the blessing someone needs.

The praise, glory, and honor belong to Him.