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A Special Post

I’m trying to put together an outline and make myself available to talk to Churches, Civic Groups, etc… from an everyday layman’s perspective. No big words… pie charts… no statistics… etc. Just me and my story.

And my goal is this: I want people to understand that a Mental Health problem is nothing to be ashamed about… so it doesn’t need to be kept hidden in the shadows. It is a chemical imbalance which is treatable with the right combination of meds and monitoring.

My wife OWN (‘Ol Weird Nancy), along with millions of others, has been battling cancer. She didn’t ask for that ailment. I wear glasses. Some people have had heart attacks… wear hearing aids… are diabetics… etc. Again… none of them asked for those ailments, but they seek treatment without stigma.

I want folks to look at Mental Health the same way. It’s nothing they did wrong… it is sometimes hereditary… and it can be treated. I want to put a face on it… especially for people that have known me. That was the biggest success of my little book. No one could believe that it happened to me. I showed that it can, and does, strike anyone. It doesn’t respect gender, race, social class, nationality, etc…

So the story I want to share is simple:

My name is ThOm. I am a suicide survivor. And I am the face of Mental Health. Let me come and share my story with you.