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A Math Quiz… 8-8-2014

As most of you are aware, I am living my dream with my current job. And I have a lot of time to “think” as I drive. That alone should scare you.

But anyway… as I was driving, this math problem popped into my head. And maybe you can help me figure it out.

The bus I drive is 45 feet long. That part does not weigh in to this particular math problem… it’s just a “gee whiz” for the one that would have asked. And yes… I know who you are.

Anyway… the bus is 10 feet wide and, to keep it simple, 13 feet high. So as I drive down the highway, it’s a roughly 130 square foot “wall” coming at you (10 feet X 13 feet + 130 square feet).

That part I get.

Now here is what I DON’T get. As this 130 square foot wall of bus hurtles down the highway at 62mph… how can EVERY bug… bat… beetle… bird… bobcat… bee… badger… bazooka… ET AL… NOT see me coming and get out of the way?

They remind me of moths to a flame they way they are lured to the front. I only wish they made musical note sounds as they hit… rather than just “splat.”

It’s like… “Oh… look… a wall rushing towards me. Let me swoop in for a closer… SPLAT!”

But there IS an upside. I keep the company that washes the bus PLENTY busy.

And don’t ask about the bazooka. Just accept it for what it is…

And that’s MY take…