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A Lost Battle

I lost a friend this week whom I had known for over 35 years. He was a great Christian, husband, father, grandfather, … He shared his faith through the talents the Lord had given him. He and I battled the same demons, but sadly, he lost the battle with his this week.

We never know the private, inner struggles someone is facing. My own struggle has given me a different perspective on my friend’s passing and I sent a message of encouragement to his family that I hope will give them some comfort at this time of loss.

The little book I keep pushing at you deals with this demon my friend and I faced. I hope you will read it so if you or someone you know is faced with this same struggle, you might see it and understand the struggle they are enduring.

The demons may have won a battle this week, but we may help others in their fight because of it.

And that’s MY take.