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A Different Kind of Post… 4-6-2015

Because of my peripheral position with the Southern Gospel community, I frequently have the opportunity to peruse a large amount of music. Many, I must admit, seldom receive a second play.

This was not one of those times.


I met Melanie and her daughters, Brittany, and Jordan, about a year ago, along with Melanie’s husband Toby and their son, Clayton. I knew they had a singing group, but had never had the opportunity to hear them.

This past weekend while in Texas, I obtained a copy of their newest project, The Reason We Sing. I never approach these situations with high expectations. As such, I must admit, I was blown away by what I heard.

First off, the packaging itself was professional… which is not always the case. But once the CD started, I was mesmerized. I actually played it three times on the bus as I drove… and again on the drive from the bus home.

I like the combination of songs… a couple I had heard before, but with great new arrangements, mixed in with several new titles. Or new to me. I must admit a partiality to the “Bless The Lord Medley” as it is a favorite hymn.

But I think my favorite of the project is the final cut… “Doxology Medley” featuring 9 year old Clayton Tipps. I love that it is performed as an a cappella and that you can really enjoy the tight harmonies of this mother and two daughters.

I’ll tell you this is one of the best groups you have never heard of… I’m sure.
And trust me… this project is one you will want and enjoy.

Contact them here on Facebook, Tipps Trio to order your copy.

And if I’m wrong… let me know.