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Bigger ISN’T Always Better

As you shop, it seems that all the retailers want you to buy more, More, MORE… all at once. More of this… more of that. If you need any, you need more than you think. We have “clubs” devoted to helping us buy in bulk. Sam’s, CostCo… we PAY for the privilege to buy more. […]

Never Bring a Rope to a Deer Fight

Have I mentioned that I do not claim to live in the brightest neck of the woods? Have I mentioned that I just LOVE folks with bright ideas? Have I mentioned I love to share stories of other folk’s misfortune? This would be one of those times. So a friend had this idea to rope […]

Live Here? Speak Like It!

I received a letter from Census2010 today. It was addressed to me… my name… my address. And the purpose of this letter? To inform me that I would be receiving the ACTUAL Census2010 form in about a week. Huh?? They sent me a letter to tell me I would be receiving the form? I realize […]

I Agree With Mr. White

I appreciate good humor… both the ice cream and things that make me laugh. And Ron White of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” fame summed up my thoughts exactly a while back. I agree that you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is normally ingrained in a person. Folks are just born stupid. And like he said, […]


I have chores. Normally something every day. It builds character. Or so I’m told. And I guess that is true since I am frequently told what a character I am. My chores usually aren’t too hard. I know that surprises you. I don’t break down the car engine and rebuild it. That’s outside of my […]

What Would Warrant a Cancellation??

Let’s say I have a tendency to be a News Junkie. I start each morning with coffee and various online news outlets. I start with local stuff and progress onward to each of the major news networks. And I love when it’s been a slow day and stuff that, otherwise might not be so easily […]

Mr. Barnum was Right

I get mad at myself sometimes. Well… actually… a lot. I can’t believe that I can continually come up with stuff to write about, but miss the BIG picture. Other people are out there stealing ideas I haven’t thought of. Yet. If they would just wait and give me time, I would come up with […]

It Ain’t Gonna Happen

If you are one of the masses that read the ramblings of my warped mind on any type of a regular basis, you might be aware that I read the news a good bit. I check all the major network websites throughout the day, plus some online newspapers for areas we have lived in the […]


Many things start out very simple and end up blown COMPLETELY out of proportion. Escalation gets many of us into trouble. And not just us… countries escalate minor things into full blown contingencies. Case in point: In March 1963, just three months into office, John F. Kennedy became incensed when the White House kitchen ran […]

Why Diet?

I encountered a problem recently. And it’s been a tad bit embarrassing. NO… it’s not an itch. My clothes have been shrinking. Many are too small. I mentioned it on FaceBook recently and got a HUGE outpouring of sympathy from my “friends.” NOT!! It started out in my drawers. Not THOSE drawers… they have an […]