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Why Aren’t You Blessed? … 2-8-2018

Do you consider yourself blessed? Think hard about that. There is a song that says, “Count your blessings … name them one by one.” But how often do you stop and really count all the things that you are blessed with? We are told in several books of the Bible that we must tithe. Leviticus […]

Never Give Up … 12-24-2017

She was hardly born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Far from it. Like the rest of us, her extended family, she was from the wrong side of the tracks and life was tough. But unlike many in her shoes, she never let that stop her. From her humble and ramshackle beginning, life was […]

How You Living? … 12-17-2017

Watching this 10 minute video by Rick Rigsby, PhD, was the best 10 minutes I had spent in a LONG time. Over 130 MILLION people around the world had viewed it in the first30 days. The words shared here could, quite literally, change your life. How you living? 591,630

The Roomba Pooptastrophe … 12-15-2017

This was TOO good not to share … story credit to Jesse Newton. So, last week, something pretty tragic happened in our household. It’s taken me until now to wrap my head around it and find the words to describe the horror. It started off simple enough – something that’s probably happened to most of […]

The First Time …

I recall my first time with a condom, I was 16 or so. I went in to buy a packet of condoms at the pharmacy. There was this beautiful woman assistant behind the counter, and she could see that I was new at it. She handed me the package and asked if I knew how […]